About Us

IKEA på besök
Exploring digital transformation in rural areas (Region Gävleborg m.f., 2016)


Our story started way back in 1999 as a management consulting company focused on IT security and project management for the Swedish Armed Forces.


After more than 10 years leading integration teams we decided to create a generic model for a collaboration platform that is efficient, secure and easy to set up. The goal was a resource pool that could work smarter, faster and easier to build situation adapted collaboration systems. This approach led to extensions to both traditional Enterprise Architecture (EA) and System Engineering (SE).

If we had known that this would lead to years of philosophical challenges this would not has started. Luckily, we had a clear objective, customers and a concept demonstrator to lead these efforts.


Today, 2023, we have a pool with engineering tools and open-source building blocks as the basis for business exploration. All this ready to visualise, explore, specify and lead digitalisation efforts.


Our aim is a digital factory to create and deliver collaboration support systems. As a start, this will be a basic service to visualise different strategic collaboration objectives.